Daily Yaymaker, LLC. was born out of an idea constructed while working on another project. Dawna Daily always enjoyed her time as an independent habilitative provider through the state of Nebraska and had always believed that “The Day Was Made for Yay!” She and her friend, Cory, had a standing date each week set aside for a little play. She really enjoyed spending time with Cory and told stories about him at family functions, some of which he attended. After about three years of weekly shenanigans together, Cory’s life came to an impass. One of his biggest barriers to independence in Nebraska was his limited social opportunities and lack of independent housing. He ended up moving out of state to meet his individual needs and although he is happy and thriving in his new environment and Dawna enjoys visiting the warmer climate in Texas, she couldn’t help but wonder why he had to move to find this happiness and opportunity. Following these events, Dawna set out to redefine special needs “experiences” in Nebraska, although it would take years of thought and self-doubt to create, the day for play arrived and Daily Yaymaker was formed. Dawna Daily, owner and manager of Daily Yaymaker, leverages her special education work experience with the Elkhorn Public Schools and UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute (University Centers of Excellence on Developmental Disability) together with her life experience being a special needs sibling and an independent habilitative care provider through the state of Nebraska to bring an unprecedented optimism to a sector of business previously left empty. She strives to create events that are unique and inspiring to her customers and the community. She believes that you are never too young or too old for a “yay” day!

Daily Yaymaker is a limited liability company with a Certificate of Organization on file with the State of Nebraska. We operate under the approved business activities and practices allowed for under the company’s endorsement. We are also recognized with the Internal Revenue Service as an association taxable as a corporation.

Daily Yaymaker is a limited liability company with a Certificate of Organization on file with the State of Nebraska. We operate under the approved business activities and practices allowed for under the company’s endorsement. We are also recognized with the Internal Revenue Service as an association taxable as a corporation.

We are making a play for YAY at Daily Yaymaker. Our event offerings are as unique as our customers. From concerts, to swim parties, to attending Husker games or comedy nights, we build our events around the interests of our community. Connecting with local travel agencies we also offer day road trips and more traditional vacations, all thoughtfully planned with our special populations in mind

At Daily Yaymaker we recognize that our customers are living their best lives within their means. We also recognize that they, like all individuals, are also planning for their goals and future selves, whether that means saving for special adaptive equipment not covered by insurance or moving into independent daily living, all things require planning and saving.
Daily Yaymaker works with local community to bring affordable events to our customers.

Our events are all in a natural community setting with our neighbors, not in an exclusionary environment. Daily Yaymaker makes their customers feel right at home because they are right at home in their community.
Event/admission fees are per event and a membership is free!   Transportation is not currently included in event fee.

All day events and vacation package prices vary and are dependent upon the price set with the travel agency hosting the event. Daily Yaymaker is proud to co-sponsor events with Excite Experiences to provide inclusive travel packages.  All day and “travel” packages are NOT part of the subscription price and are billed and paid separately from any event fees.

Daily Yaymaker believes in inspired belonging. An “everyone CAN SIT WITH US” mentality. We welcome all individuals who want to:
-Socialize in a safe environment
-Want to make new friends and project positivity
-Exhibit age appropriate social and problem solving skills
-Maintain a respectful attitude towards themselves, others, and show no outwards aggression
-Independently care of medications and practice independent self-care including rest rooming
-Able to make own transportation arrangements to/from events
-Can understand and follow basic rules, social norms, and multiple step directives
-Those who want to build their independence through “play”
-Meet the age requirements established by the event sponsors (example-some 21+ only events)

All events sponsored or co-sponsored by Daily Yaymaker are ADA accessible. Every reasonable accommodation will be made to ensure customer participation at the most independent level possible.

Most events through Daily Yaymaker are sponsored in collaboration with area business and not as a separate event. Considerations are made to the timing of the events to reach the maximum populations possible. Customers can expect several different timed events from morning, afternoon, and early evening events as well as weekend and weeknight events.

Transportation to and from events is the responsibility of the customer. Daily Yaymaker is working on an agreement with local travel organizations to help with this accommodation for their customers. More information to come as it is available.

Absolutely! We love to work with families to create the “hallmark” moments and trips for families. Contact us for a free consultation today!

We are in the process of applying to become a respite care provider through the State of Nebraska at this time. We cannot accept payment as a respite provider until such time as we have been formally approved by the state. Stay tuned!

All sales/transactions made through Daily Yaymaker are final. If there are special circumstances that prevent you from attending or paying the recurring monthly subscription fee, please contact us to speak about possible options.  Thirty days written notice is required to cancel ALL subscriptions.  We take customer satisfaction seriously and we want your repeat business so please reach out if you have any needs.

All Daily Yaymaker events are open to anyone willing to meet the belonging criteria. We welcome family attendance (with each person paying their own fee). Since we are within a community setting we encourage you to invite your friends to make it a night of laughter and light, sharing in your belonging in the community.

All precautionary steps are taken to prevent illness or injury related to a Daily Yaymaker event, but because life isn’t perfect, we as that as a customer of Daily Yaymaker, certain release of liability forms be completed as part of the event planning process.  A release of liability form is included in your membership application packet.  Daily Yaymaker, LLC. can not be held liable for unintended illness or injury during a community event.

Members will be given access to a monthly calendar via the website and FB events page.  You may also follow us on Instagram at daily_yaymaker
Daily Yaymaker’s website address is https://www.dailyyaymaker.com
You can find Daily Yaymaker on Facebook at Daily Yaymaker, LLC.
Our email address is dailyyaymakerne@gmail.com
Our address is PO Box 193, Elkhorn, NE 68022
The phone number for Daily Yaymaker is (402) 206-3092


We recently switched from residential and respite services to Daily YAYmaker for my adult daughter.

The change has been a dream come true! My daughter laughs, smiles and enjoys life when she is on her outings.  As a parent, I love that she is spending quality time focused on skills with a mentor that has a great rapport with her. She is treated with respect, and Dawna creates fun opportunities so that my daughter is learning in a relaxed environment and living her best life!  Learning is fun again, and her confidence is restored. She looks forward to her time together, and has a list of activities & events that she would like to attend. A far cry from the past when she would  plea to cancel services because she just didn’t feel like doing them, as they had become a chore and lacked  an element of FUN.

I highly recommend Dawna Daily and her Daily YAYmaker services! You will not find a better person for this service. It truly is her calling.

VP Pharmacy Services

For nearly a decade, I have had phenomenal, first-hand experience with Dawna Daily, the founder of DAILY YayMaker!  Dawna Daily continually pours her heart into helping others with unique and diverse needs.  She understands that the world is out there and has a passion for getting those who struggle included in the community.  DAILY YayMaker is perfect, as it focuses on individuality, true participation, and what it means to be part of a community.  The Omaha metro is so lucky to have this business launching in our community.

Caring Mother

As an ID person, Dillon’s disability isn’t visible nor does it have a name everyone recognizes. We’ve always struggled with where he belonged among his disabled peers. His abilities and needs never seemed to be a match for organizations we had him involved with. More so, we always felt like he was perfectly capable of adapting to situations that his age level peers without a disability were experiencing. We’ve spent years looking for a “group” that embodied the truest kind of inclusion we sought for him. His place isn’t structured actives not suited for his abilities or age & protected in a building of people just like him.  His place is out in the community, living and doing things that other 26 yr olds who are not just like him are doing; going on dinner dates with his girlfriend and other friends & not just family;  traveling, happy hour , shopping, attending shows or movies, etc. Daily YAYMaker has made all of this a reality & we couldn’t be more excited for the many opportunities he will experience as a member!


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