We are set for LAUNCH!  Join us on Saturday, July 27th for our Launch of Daily Yaymaker, LLC.  Partnering with Excite Experiences we will be participating in the National Balloon Classic in Indianola, Iowa.  Be part of this one day celebratory trip for only $150!  Contact Dawna at dailyyaymakerne@gmail.com for more information or to sign up!  We can’t wait to Yay the Day away!

  Unwrap the Fun! Plan your YAY today!


We recently switched from residential and respite services to Daily YAYmaker for my adult daughter.

The change has been a dream come true! My daughter laughs, smiles and enjoys life when she is on her outings.  As a parent, I love that she is spending quality time focused on skills with a mentor that has a great rapport with her. She is treated with respect, and Dawna creates fun opportunities so that my daughter is learning in a relaxed environment and living her best life!  Learning is fun again, and her confidence is restored. She looks forward to her time together, and has a list of activities & events that she would like to attend. A far cry from the past when she would  plea to cancel services because she just didn’t feel like doing them, as they had become a chore and lacked  an element of FUN.

I highly recommend Dawna Daily and her Daily YAYmaker services! You will not find a better person for this service. It truly is her calling.

VP Pharmacy Services

For nearly a decade, I have had phenomenal, first-hand experience with Dawna Daily, the founder of DAILY YayMaker!  Dawna Daily continually pours her heart into helping others with unique and diverse needs.  She understands that the world is out there and has a passion for getting those who struggle included in the community.  DAILY YayMaker is perfect, as it focuses on individuality, true participation, and what it means to be part of a community.  The Omaha metro is so lucky to have this business launching in our community.

Caring Mother

As an ID person, Dillon’s disability isn’t visible nor does it have a name everyone recognizes. We’ve always struggled with where he belonged among his disabled peers. His abilities and needs never seemed to be a match for organizations we had him involved with. More so, we always felt like he was perfectly capable of adapting to situations that his age level peers without a disability were experiencing. We’ve spent years looking for a “group” that embodied the truest kind of inclusion we sought for him. His place isn’t structured actives not suited for his abilities or age & protected in a building of people just like him.  His place is out in the community, living and doing things that other 26 yr olds who are not just like him are doing; going on dinner dates with his girlfriend and other friends & not just family;  traveling, happy hour , shopping, attending shows or movies, etc. Daily YAYMaker has made all of this a reality & we couldn’t be more excited for the many opportunities he will experience as a member!


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